We pride ourselves on being a bakery where the majority of the products sold are made on the premises.

We produce a wide selection of bread, made in the traditional way with a bulk fermentation period. In addition to our normal weekly selection (white, whole meal, multi grain, rye and French bread) we also produce specialty breads at the weekend or to order (subject to minimum order) - sunflower and rye, ciabatta, spelt. We have the facility to slice bread, if required.

Our savory products include our famous hand raised pizzas - delicious hot from the oven with a crisp golden crust with a filling of meat and juices. We also manufacture sausage rolls, Cornish rolls and vegetable pasties to name but a few. These are all baked on a daily basis and sold the same day.

Our shop produces its own sandwiches on a daily basis (with bread made that day). Also available for purchase are crisps and drinks - both cold and hot (freshly ground coffee, hot chocolate sold at our adjacent coffee shop).